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Buy Innovative Landscaping Products

Are you looking for a company that specialises in the sale of innovative landscaping products? Then before you head to the high street, pay a visit to the TDP Ltd website. This leading firm sells weed control fabrics, geotextiles, root barrier and systems for creating green sustainable parking areas. All have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that they’re rigorously tested not just in the laboratory, but in field conditions too.

The Premier Choice for Landscape Fabrics

More often than not, TDP Ltd is the first choice for those seeking effective and affordable landscape fabrics to prevent weeds from growing up through gravel, mulch, or up through the joints of paving, The company is renowned for its impressive range, which includes DuPont Plantex and TDP50. DuPont Plantex landscape fabric is very popular, with as many as 125,000.00 square metres being laid since back in 1987. The team at TDP Ltd have an expert knowledge of the landscaping products they sell, and so they’re always happy to advise or assist you in any way they can. Telephone 01629 820011 to discuss your requirements, or to place an order. Browse the website to find out more.

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