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Innovative Weed Control Fabrics

Are you looking to do business with a company that specialises in the supply of non-chemical weed control fabrics? Then take a closer look at TDP Ltd. This reputable firm is widely regarded as a leader in this particular market, and has a very lengthy list of very happy customers who have purchased its innovative and highly effective weed control fabrics. Since the 1980s, TDP Ltd has built an impressive range of fabrics, including DuPont Plantex Landscape fabric, TDP ProWeed and TDP50. If you’re unsure which product best meets your needs, don’t hesitate to call the team on 01629 820011. They have an expert knowledge of the products they sell and will be happy to advise you on your options.

How Landscape Fabrics Work  

Using weed control fabrics will suppress weeds from growing through gravel, mulch or paving joints, whilst also allowing the soil to breathe and water to penetrate through. Whether you’re interested in buying them for personal or commercial use, you can be sure that such fabrics can help your garden or grounds to remain weed-free. To find out more about TDP Ltd and its weed control fabrics, take a look around the website.