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Insulation support net - TDP Insulation Support Netting

TDP Insulation Support Netting

TDP insulation Support Netting is a lightweight polypropylene net used to secure fibrous insulation materials within timber framework and joists.

Easy to use, it is simply stapled onto the joists or timber frame to hold the insulation in place. Ideal for timber framed houses, where the support net will hold the walling insulation in place, making it easy to ‘board over’.

Insulation Net Installation

During construction (or when the floorboards have been removed for refurbishment) the Insulation Net is draped between the joists to a depth, which will accommodate the insulation.

The insulation support netting is stapled to the joists and the insulation is placed between the joists taking care not to obstruct any air-vents. (Fig.1)

If there is sufficient access beneath the joists, the insulation can be inserted from underneath and the net stapled in place. (Fig.2)

The Insulation Net can be used when insulation is installed at the fabrication stage within the components of the timber frame and mobile buildings as the Insulation Net conveniently holds the insulation in place during and after construction.

This product is ideal for:

  • Underside of ventilated timber floors during construction and refurbishment
  • Floors and walls of timber framed buildings during construction
  • Static mobile homes, offices and stores

Product benefits:

  • Durable
  • Easy to cut
  • Rust proof

Available sizes:

  • Standard weight 2m x 100m -White