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TDP’s range of landscaping products are manufactured to a very high standard which is expected from professional landscape contractors and discerning garden lovers. A number of our products carry the leading Dupont brand who are innovators in the landscape market across Europe. Our range consists of weed control fabrics, geotextiles, root barrier and systems for creating green sustainable parking areas.

The use of a landscape fabric such as DuPont Plantex or TDP50 not only suppresses weeds from growing up through your gravel, mulch, or up through the joints of your paving, but as importantly they allow the soil beneath to breathe and water to permeate through.

Controlling evasive plant root growth is easy with our root barrier product. Directing roots away from paved areas, driveways, lawns, patios, and building foundations will alleviate cracking and lifting, which can be costly to repair.

TDP’s non woven geotextile is ideal for using under gravel on a driveway, and is supplied in rolls that are easy to handle for this sized project.

New legislation was published in 2008 that prevent driveways being laid or renewed without being porous unless planning permission is obtained. TDP offer a range of grid systems for driveways that are porous which avoid the need for obtaining such planning permissions.

Recycled plastic planks are a great alternative to timber. Use under artificial turf, as garden edgings or garden seating. These planks will not rot or splinter, are knot free and British made from plastic waste that was destined for UK landfill.