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Weed control fabric

Since the 1980’s, TDP have been at the forefront of the non-chemical weed control fabric market. DuPont Plantex Landscape fabric was the original with over 125,000.00 square metres having been laid since 1987. TDP ProWeed and TDP50 have been added to the range to meet the growing demand for non-chemical weed control. Using a landscape fabric should not only suppress weeds from growing up through gravel, mulch or the joints between paving, but also allow the soil beneath to breathe and water to permeate through.

It is imperative that the pore opening sizes in a landscape fabric slows water throughput at a consistent rate; too quickly and the water will pool under the surface, which can cause a soft sub base to become unstable. Efflorescent marks on your paving can also be a factor of pooling water. If the water flow is too slow the reverse can occur, with the sub surface drying out and cracking. Both of these can affect decked areas more severely, by wither rotting the joists or creating unstable uprights that have been concreted into the sub base.

The use of a landscape fabric will also eliminate the need for chemical weed maintenance, as any surface weeds which germinate will not root down through the fabric if removed when seen or the topping raked to disturb them.