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TDP Netpave 25 - Grass Protection System

TDP Netpave 25

Porous pavement TDP Netpave 25 needs no excavation – it is simply laid onto the grass surface and is ready to be used to improve vehicle traction on grass or turf.

Due to its unique design, TDP Netpave 25 porous pavement proves to be extremely flexible and provides a visually pleasant and stable surface structure through which grass can be grown. As it is only 25mm thick, it can be almost invisible after 2-3 months of a grass-growing season.

Netpave 25 Applications

TDP Netpave 25 porous pavement is ideal for paths, parking applications and other trafficked areas where regular wear would soon cause erosion and damage to the grass.

Although not designed for temporary usage, it can be laid temporarily and removed if only required for short periods of time. TDP Netpave 25 can be used as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

This product is ideal for:

  • Overspill car parks
  • Drives
  • Paths
  • Cycle routes
  • Other occasional use grassed areas

Product benefits:

  • Applied onto the top of grassed surfaces
  • Able to support light traffic on firm ground and improve traction
  • Resists deformation and fracture
  • Quick and easy installation with no excavation or pegging
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces and gradients

Available sizes:

  • 500mm x 500mm 25mm deep (supplied as 4 tiles per square metre – pre-connected)