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Protective Packaging Sleeves

TDP Protective Packaging Sleeves

Protective soft mesh sleeves are designed to protect products, machined parts and components from damage during storage and transport. The tubular plastic netting sleeves stretch to fit irregular shapes for shielding delicate objects and machined components, such as ceramic bathroom furniture, gas cylinders, scuba diving cylinders, polished or chrome office furniture parts (chairs, stools and table legs) and glass bottles.

Protecting your products during storage or in transit reduces the risk of damage, enhances your profit and satisfies your customer with product being received in good condition every time.

TDP protective packaging sleeves are available in four ranges, each with its own thickness, stretch and recovery characteristics. Some are suitable for protecting shafts and cylinders, other are better for protecting unusual shapes. The stretch capabilities ranges from 6mm to 400mm in an array of colours. They are noncorrosive and resistant to most chemicals and oils, its mesh design allows air circulation around items making it ideal for projects involving cleaning solvents, water or humidity.

Our protective mesh sleeves are manufactured from coloured plastic mesh to offer a colour coded system for identification of the correct size for easy identification. The plastic mesh sleeves are designed to stretch around the contours of irregular shaped objects or components, shapes, corners and curves to offer a protective cushioning to their external edges and surfaces.