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Plaster and Render Fibre Additive - TDP 2.2mm Fibres

Plaster and Render Fibres Additive

Render and plaster are particularly susceptible to cracks occuring during the drying process, these cracks can lead to significant problems at a later stage. Adding TDP Plaster and Render Fibres can reduce cracks and shrinkage, it works by holding the moisture in the material whilst it is curing, also reducing the need to ‘float off’ water that would have risen to the surface. Our Plaster & Render Fibres are only 2.2mm in length, so they can be used in most plaster or render applications without the need to burn off any excess for a smooth finish. Our fibres have been tried, tested and approved by CERAM, specialists in building technology.


This product is ideal for:

  • Ideal for patch and repair
  • Ideal for renders and lime based plasters which are particularly susceptible to cracking
  • Add to any plaster, including one coat
  • Can be used in mechanically applied plaster and render

Product benefits:

  • Adds easily into mix
  • Disperses quickly & evenly
  • Non irritant
  • Reduces the need for remedial work
  • 150g sufficient for six 25kg bags of plaster, or 150kg of dry render mix

Available sizes:

  • 150g Bag