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Premium Insulation Net -

Code: R02945 - 9002

TDP Code: NET30

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Our premium insulation net is a lightweight and easy to use netting, designed to hold insulation securely in place.

Manufactured from polypropylene, this strong yet lightweight thermoplastic netting is simply tracked to the timber or joist to hold fibrous insulation materials in place.

Netlon Insulation Support Net has many typical uses, including the installation to the underside of ventilated timber floors during construction and refurbishment; to the floors and walls of timber framed buildings during construction and to static mobile homes, offices and stores.

The premium Insulation Net has a higher density and therefore can withstand holding a higher density insulation.

The features and benefits are:

  • Durable
  • Easy to cut
  • Rust and rot proof
  • Available in 2 grades and colours

Product details:

  • Mesh size:
  • Mesh shape:
  • Material:
  • Colour:
  • Additives:
  • Roll size:
    2m x 100m
  • Weight average:
    19.6 g/m2
  • Mesh count average:
  • TD strand count average:
  • MD strand count average:
  • Open area:
  • Melting point: