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Recycled Plastic Furniture for Councils

Both Town and Parish Councils favour benches, picnic tables and planters that are made from recycled plastic waste for lots of reasons. The TDP benches, picnic tables and planters are made from recycled plastic waste that would have been destined for UK landfill, so the material has not been imported. Each product is handcrafted in Derbyshire, so it is all British made. The benefits of recycled plastic over traditional timber or steel street furniture are, there is zero maintenance so once installed no painting or staining is required, saving money and time.  They will not rot or splinter so there is a health and safety benefit here when benches or picnic tables are placed in public places. Our recycled plastic is graffiti resistant too. The life span of our outdoor products greatly out lasts that of timber, so local authorities get a better return on their investment.

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