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TDP115 Geotextile Membrane - Nonwoven

TDP115 Geotextile

Brand leading TDP115 Geotextile is a strong, nonwoven, geotextile made from polypropylene fibres. It is designed to act as a filter and stabilisation membrane in construction projects. Ideal for a soakaway crate wrap, or under gravel on a driveway.  TDP115 is also recommended in the installations of our porous grid systems.

TDP115 Geotextile is used in draining applications, such as a wrap for SUDS crates or in traditional drainage trenches, TDP115 acts as a filter, preventing sand or soil clogging the crate or drainage stone. TDP115 Geotextile is a versatile product that can be used in highways construction through to domestic gravel drives. Available from builders merchants in a range of sizes to meet every project requirement. 4m widths are perfect for large civil projects, or 2m widths for laying under gravel on domestic drives without the need to joint.

The features and benefits of TDP115 Geotextile are:

  • High tensile strength
  • Strengthens and stabilises
  • Prevents mixing of construction layers
  • Effective filter in drainage
  • CE certified



Frequently asked questions

  • How do I prepare the ground before laying TDP115?

    Remove all large stones and other material which may damage the fabric and level the area to remove any undulations and ruts. Stubborn weeds such as thistles and docks should be treated with a strong weed killer.

  • How can I join two pieces of TDP115 together?

    Overlap by 30cm (12") if required

Product benefits:

  • Stabilises and strengthens
  • Helps prevent uneveness in driveways, site access, roads and tracks
  • Prevents mixing of construction layers
  • Effective filter layer in drainage applications

Available sizes:

  • 2m x 25m

  • 2m x 50m

  • 4m x 100m

  • 4.5m x 11.1m (flat pack)

TDP supply TDP115 via builders merchants across the UK.

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