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Best Weed Control Fabric

Plantex landscape fabric has been the professionals choice for over 25 years, and it is still going strong. Plantex is designed for a single purpose to control weeds under turf, gravel, slabs, block paving, decking, gravel paths and artificial turf. Don’t be fooled by cheap alternatives that have been made as upholstery backing as their primary purpose, then sold into the landscape market that it ‘will do the job’, inevitably it will not have the correct properties to allow water and air to permeate through to the ground below your hard and soft landscaping. Plantex is manufactured by the globally know company Dupont, who are associated with strong quality brands such as Tyvek, Kevlar, and Corian. They designed and manufactured Plantex landscape fabric to have the optimum pore size that allows even turf to be grown on top of it, which is a unique property to this weed control fabric. The hi-tech manufacturing process of Plantex makes it a very strong material without having to have a high material thickness that would compromise the permeability. Plantex is suitable for hard and soft landscaping applications so there is no complicated decision to make when undertaking a landscaping project, all you need to decide is which size roll is most suitable for the project.

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