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Affordable Weed Control Fabrics

Weed control fabrics are advertised under various different guises, including weed block, weed control membrane, landscape fabric, weed cloth, weed barrier fabric and weed suppressant fabric. They are manufactured from eco-friendly raw materials and don’t emit chemicals that can cause harm to plants, pets or the surrounding area. Weed control fabrics are permeable, which means that air, water and nutrients are allowed to pass through, yet they are designed to block out the sun in order to prevent weed growth. If you’re looking to buy affordable weed control fabrics, head over to the TDP Ltd website. The company has been selling a range of non-chemical weed control fabrics since the 1980s, and has firmly established itself as a leader in its field.

Buy from Various Stockists throughout the UK

Buying weed control fabrics from TDP Ltd couldn’t be easier. Simply click the ‘where to buy’ tab on the website, and you’ll find a form which will allow you to access the full list of stockists nationwide. You can also call or email the team directly on 01629 820011 or info@tdpltd.com to make a purchase. They’ll also be happy to provide advice or to discuss your requirements.

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