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Buy Protective Packaging

Are you looking to reduce the risk of damage to occurring to your products whilst in transit or storage? Then why not invest in protective packaging from leading retailer TDP Ltd? The company’s range of protective sleeving includes high protection sleeving (ideal for very delicate products, such as glass or ceramics), standard sleeving, easy stretch sleeving and economy sleeving. Sleeves are non-corrosive and resistant to most chemicals and oils, ensuring that they won’t be damaged by (or damage) your goods. They’re made to an extremely high standard and so you don’t have to worry about them letting you down.

Boost your Profit and Protect your Reputation

If your goods are regularly becoming damaged before making their way onto the shelves, it’s not just your bottom line that will take a hit, but your reputation too. Customers want and expect to purchase a product that’s in good condition, every time. By investing in protective packaging, you can ensure that damage is kept to an absolute minimum. Buying protective sleeves from TDP is easy. Simply call 01629 820011 or email info@tdpltd.com to place an order directly. Or complete the ‘request stockist information’ form on the website to find out where your nearest supplier is based.

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